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Specialty Props:

Alligator   |   Kayak


Burners   |   Stuart Little   |   Kentucky


for As You Like It

by William Shakespeare
Scenic Design by Morgan Price

This comedy follows a young woman as she flees persecution and finds love in the forest of enchantments.
This production was set in the Louisiana bayou, in a style that showcased raw materials and craft.

This alligator puppet was designed as a spoof of a pull-along duck toy, and features rolling paws, articulated tail, and snapping mouth.



for Death and Eros

Choreography by Donald McKayle
2000, 2017

Based on an Inuit folktale of the Skeleton Woman, this dance piece is half ghost story, half romance. A fisherman reels in a long-dead woman and after his fright they care for each other and she becomes whole again. The kayak was made to be silent, and is paddled across the stage by the dancer inside using the custom made oar. Some structural details needed to be changed to facilitate the choreography, but the frame is built using traditional Greenland kayak techniques and hand tooling.


by Terence Anthony
Dir. by Sara Wagner

In the not-so-distant future, the elite live in luxury inside a fortified megacity, while the majority of the population struggles to survive in massive, polluted slums. A resistance movement has risen to fight for the rights of the poor, and their most powerful weapons are humans that have been genetically engineered to become living bombs: BURNERS.

This show, for which I also designed and built the set, was an intimate sci-fi experience that required numerous functioning electronic props, as well as a gravity restraint chair.

Stuart Little

Adapted by Joseph Robinette
Based on the book by E.B. White
Dir. by Art Manke

This play about the beloved mouse required sight gag upon sight gag to entertain our audience of children, mostly supplied by huge props that would be in scale to a mouse -- rolling up in a huge newspaper, using a match as a bindle pole for his travels, etc. Such fun!


by Leah Nanako Winkler
Scenic Design by Sara Ryung Clement
Dir. by Deena Selenow

This play follows a neurotic older sister as she returns to her estranged family in Kentucky in an attempt to stop her little sister's born-again Christian wedding, and tries to survive the fractured family she left behind in the process. Apart from everyday props, this play required pink-on-pink decoration of every kind and accoutrements for a country wedding. I also constructed and painted the background noren curtain, an homage to the family's Japanese ancestry.