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Odds and Ends


For Royal Caribbean International
Design by Hariton/Baral Design

½"  |  2017

This new musical revue on board a Royal Caribbean ship tracks the history of flight, from the current International Space Station all the way back to the
Wright brothers' first flight.

The Beautiful Dream

For Royal Caribbean International
Design by Hariton/Baral Design

½"  |  2016

Premiering on Ovation of the Seas, this show is a fantastic wonderland in the dream of a stranded tugboat captain. The show opens on the boat, which then splits apart into seven pieces to leave the actor alone in his armchair as he falls into the dream. The boat is constructed in forced three-point perspective to save space.

See the model in action:


Columbus! The Musical

For Royal Caribbean International
Design by Hariton/Baral Design

½"  |  2016

This fun new musical revue on board the latest Royal Caribbean ship, Harmony of the Seas, follows the distantly-related Marvin Columbus as he tries to find his true purpose on a crazy trip through the Caribbean.
The ship and flying machine are fully functional.

See the models in action:


by Carlos Lopez Estrada
Design by John Iacovelli

½"  |  2015

Unable to leave his apartment after his death, the titular protagonist in this piece must come to terms with his life and those he has left behind.

Flyin' West

by Pearl Cleage
Design by GMB

⅛"  |  2014

Set in a black homestead community in 1898 Kansas, this play follows a family as they negotiate threats to their identities, home, and sisterhood.

The design conveys the sweeping expanse of Kansas prairie, on which the makeshift rafts of the family home precariously float.

The Man Who Came
to Dinner

by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart
Design by GMB

¼"  |  2014

A three-act comedy, the play follows a family and their unwelcome guest as he gradually settles in to their lives, disrupting their neat 1930's decor.

A Thousand Cranes

by Kathryn Schultz Miller
Design by GMB

¼"  |  2013

This play follows Sadako, a victim of the Hiroshima bombings, on a journey through her illness and the spirit world.

The design draws from the construction of kabuki theaters and traditional Japanese motifs.

Romeo and Juliet

based on the play by William Shakespeare
Design by GMB

¼"  |  2014

A teenage love story set against two feuding families, the design for this set was inspired by the original Prokofiev score, and the raw passionate emotion of young love against the sober backdrop of societal mores.

Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen
Design by GMB

⅛"  |  2013

About a newly married woman who finds herself stifled and seeking passion, this drama lent itself to the high-contrast visual style of film noir.

Odds and Ends

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