Nominated for four LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards, including Scenic Design (Intimate Theatre)


by Terence Anthony
Directed by Sara Wagner
Lighting Design by Martha Carter
Costume Design by Michael Mullen
Video Design by Kat Pagsolingan


In the not-so-distant future, the elite live in luxury inside a fortified megacity, while the majority of the population struggles to survive in massive, polluted slums. A resistance movement has risen to fight for the rights of the poor, and their most powerful weapons are humans that have been genetically engineered to become living bombs: BURNERS.

This show, for which I designed and built the props and set, was an intimate sci-fi experience. In this small space, the audience was seated above and around the action to evoke watching a gladiator match. The set was designed as a bunker; the looming vents provide the only glimpses of light from the world outside.

This production has been nominated for an Ovation Award in the Scenic Design (Intimate Theatre) category, as well as three additional nominations for Lighting, Costumes, and Sound.